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Rejoinder by Nkrabeah Effah-Dartey (Former MP)

Rejoinder by Nkrabeah Effah-Dartey (Former MP)

I am not too sure whether I know Daniel Dugan by face, but certainly there is no serious Ghanaian citizen who has never read at least one of his constant highly incisive articles, regularly carried in the Chronicle newspaper.
Last Friday 14th January 2022 Daniel Dugan went to town descending
mercilessly and heavily on the Honourable daughter of the late president J J
Rawlings, called Zenator and honestly after reading the article I thought God
helping me I should suggest openly to Zenator that she should keep her
mouth shut and enjoy her privileges as a member of Parliament for Korley
You see, Zenator, I read a certain book, which said “Your character speaks so
much about you that I can hardly hear what you are saying”
All those who were students in Achimota School in 1972 when I was in form
five will never forget a five minutes sermon delivered by Rev K. Kittoe
Methodist Reverend Minister one morning service at 6:30am in Aggrey
Chapel: his theme was: WHO ARE YOU??
I was born very deep in the village, JINJINI today a District Capital. I came to
Achimota School in 1969 purely by God’s Grace on CMB full scholarship. I
read law at Legon and was trained to become a Army Officer at Sandhurst,
I knew your father so very well, years before you were born, when I was a
law student. Because of my relationship with your father, the military
intelligence arrested me on 5th February 1981 and tried me secretly in
Nsawam Prisons by a General Court Martial on charges of MUTINY (the
military version of TREASON”).
I had no lawyer to defend me, but even so, the General Court Martial on a
submission of no case ACQUITTED and DISCHARGED me of mutiny but went
ahead to convict me of the general security omnibus disciplinary crime of
Throughout military history no solider has ever been charged with
MISCONDUCT and gotten away with it. I was dismissed and jailed for 23
months in prison.
I was in prison when your father returned to power in 1981 and released me
from prison and reinstated me, but he sidelined me in the Revolution and
threw me out of the military on 22nd September 1983 viz six months
As a Captain (retired) I went to Makola, completed law school and was
called to the Ghana Bar in 1986.
I practiced law for 15 years and my people in Berekum came for me from
Accra to represent them in Parliament and President Kufour made me a
Deputy Minister first at Local Government under Baah Wiredu and later
Interior under Papa Owusu Ankoma.
If you ask WHO ARE YOU, I will say that I am the Honourable Captain retired
Nkrabeah Effah Dartey, former MP and Deputy Minister, currently the Head
of family of the biggest Nana Yaw Woro Family of Biadan, Berekum.
I am sure the good people of Berekum are really getting bored with every
week end radio announcement – “The Honourable Captain retired NANA
Nkrabeah Effah-Dartey, Head of Family of the Nana Yaw Woro Royal Family
of Biadan” the Family is so big in Namasua Fetentaa Jinjini, Berekum, Biadan,
Senase, Kato and Benkasa that no week passes by without some cultural or
social event happening. I am sleeping innocently in Accra with my father in
law’s daughter Gloria Yartey General Manager of my hotel, High Star Hotel
and the people of Berekum are being bombarded with my name on radio
Yes, Zenator, this is me, how about you?
You were born with a sliver spoon in your mouth, and given the best of
education possible. You became a qualified medical doctor before 35 years
and but for the confusion between NPP Chairman Nii Noi and lawyer
Addison both quarrelling for NPP slot, you would never have made it to
Zenator, I don’t dislike you. I have no cause to hate you. You are a medical
doctor, just like my last born, Doctor David Effah-Dartey, working in Kasoa,
My honest suggestion to you is that keep your mouth shut and chop your
MP ship, just like your brother Kimalli who has never said a word in public.
Nobody thinks about him and he is quietly enjoying whatever privileges or
booty his father left for him.
You know, Zenator, you were a toddler, going to school, so you know very
little or nothing at all about the huge atrocities your father committed in this
He who was a High Priest of Probity and Accountability – what did he not
How many soldiers were not killed at the Air Force Station in the name of
“Revolution” He set up a Public Tribunal system and almost every week end
he signed execution death warrants.
Those Generals he lined up and shot to death in June 4th – what offence did
they commit? The most tragic of all is the blood of Commodore Joy Kobla
Andume, Navy Commander, for taking a bank loan of 50,000 cedis (today’s 5
cedis) to build a house!!!! How about Border Guards Commander General
Utuke – what did he do? General Kotei? And as for Coloral Felli-he was
executed just because he was a Northerner, so they wanted a tribal
Zenator, it is the Grace of God which has kept most Ghanaians quiet and
resigned to fate, so do not insult their intelligence by making speeches as if
your father was a saint.
Fishermen reported in those days that when they go fishing the nets bring
out dead bodies, and your father was so violent a man that he literally
physically assaulted ALL his Ministers, including beating up his own elected
Vice President Kow Ackaah in cabinet!!!
Zenator, SHUT UP!!!
Those High Court Judges, including pregnant mother, Mrs Justice Koranteng
Addow, you think we have forgotten? You think their children – smile at you
anytime they see your face on television?
I so well remember January 2001 when I was a fresh MP for Berekum in
Parliament. Yaw Osafo Marfo Minister of Finance told NPP Secret Meeting
at Teachers’ Hall that “up till now we don’t know the actual state of Ghana’s
economy” because the Rawlings led NDC Administration across 19 years had
so mismanaged Ghana that everything was in a chaotic state. President
Kufour was compelled by sheer force of reality to declare Ghana a HIPC
One day at the Castle, Jerry Rawlings climbed a tree and refused to come
down. It took a bitter language from your mother before he descended the
One day at the Castle, Rawlings was drinking a bottle of whisky surrounded
by his military bodyguards, all of them full armed. The Warrant Officer in
charge of the troops jokingly remarked “Master can you give us some of the
whisky? J J flared up and slapped the WO who completely stupefied
returned the slap then the two of them fell down on the floor Wrestling
violently. The bodyguards could not do anything because the fight was so
severe that any attempt to fire would hit JJ. So JJ capitulated and said
“Cease fire, cease fire…”
One day at the Castle, late Saturday morning, a certain innocent female
secretary was in the office typing some long document for her boss when
she heard moaning and chanting on the Corridor, coming closer, and closer.
She quietly peeped through the louver blades and saw to her horror the
Head of State, JJ Rawlings, stark naked, draped in blood, walking the
corridors and chanting occultic tones.
The bemused secretary was so shocked that she quietly managed to run
away from the Castle, and it is said that on the same evening soldiers raided
her father’s house thinking she was there.
Zenator, what goes round comes around.
If you want to live long, your best bet is to keep your mouth shut about
national affairs. Instead, every week end wear slit and kaba and walk around
Osu Alate Kinkawe, go to Adabraka night market and let the ordinary
suffering folks identify with you, instead of pretending to be giving speeches
about the state of Ghana’s economy and all that blah blah …………………
Zenator, since creation human nature has not changed. Read the Bible and
you will hear of very terrible acts of inhumanity. It continues from
generation to generation.
When in 1652 Charles I was executed, his son fled to Scotland. When the
monarchy was restored and the son returned to London as King Charles II he
eventually had all those involved in his father’s death arrested tried and
Cromwell who led the whole Revolution was exhumed from the grave,
symbolically tried for treason and symbolically condemned and symbolically
Yes, when Chaka the Zulu in South Africa was killed even his girl friend
Pampata was arrested and executed.
Don’t think Ghanaians are any different. We are the same species of human
beings walking this earth – it is only the Grace of God which has kept us
Ask the IGP and he will tell you the terrible daily sit reps that come from
police stations across the Country. People are bitter, very bitter, from
reckless extra-judicial killings under your father’s watch, so don’t get
anybody angry.
Be like your brother Kimalli. Keep your mouth shut.
If you want to live long read this article over and over again, otherwise you
may regret to say “I told you so” but it will be too late.
I wish you well

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